After TACFIT Commando: What Next?

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QUESTION: John: I’m on my last Commando Mission and it’s a great program, but don’t want it to end. Are there any more Tacfit missions coming out or would you just rotate the 3 Commando missions each month?

Thank you!!



Hey Josh,

Congrats on finishing the TACFIT Commando Program – burly work! I’m assuming you’re so pleased with the results and the experience itself that you’d like to stay within the TACFIT system (not a bad idea). So, you have at least a couple of options now. Here are my thoughts on each…

1) Repeat the TACFIT Commando Program – TACFIT Commando was designed to be repeated, if necessary. As you now know from going through the materials, there are various ways to progress through the curriculum, and in particular, there’s a scoring system that you can use to evaluate your progress. So, you could always just restart the program from the beginning and try to improve your scores in each cycle. Nothing wrong with that at all, and the good news is that it requires no further financial investment. The downside is that you’ll be stuck doing the same thing for longer (boredom may ensue), you won’t learn any new exercises, and you can only expect the specific conditioning results that you’ve received thus far. If those things don’t concern you, then by all means, just go for it. That said, there are some definite advantages to trying out another TACFIT program now that you’ve graduated from TACFIT Commando.

TACFIT Commando - TACFIT Warrior Cover2) Try out another TACFIT Program – I’m a big fan of learning new movement skills on a regular basis and just trying new things in general. I think it’s good to include a bit of variety in a training program and there are definitely some physiological benefits for doing so, too. There are a bunch of TACFIT Programs out there and each one is uniquely suited to a particular goal, but each is grounded in the TACFIT system and methodology. So, in essence, you’ll be getting a completely new routine while also taking advantage of all that TACFIT has to offer. Here are a handful of my favorites with a short description about each…

TACFIT Warrior – This is another bodyweight-only training program that also incorporates mental training strategies right into the curriculum. This one has also received a lot of praise from dozens of my Physical Living readers. If you want to go deep in your physical practice, and experience lifestyle transformation through physical transformation, then TW may be for you (TACFIT Warrior Review here, FAQ here, sample workouts here). It should also be noted that out of all the TACFIT programs, TACFIT Warrior is the most similar to TACFIT Commando. So, if you were happy with TACFIT Commando, you’ll be happy with TACFIT Warrior, too.

TACGYM: Tactical Gymnastics –  This is by-far one of Scott’s best stand-alone training programs, but it’s definitely not for everybody. TACGYM is not a body transformation program, but a movement transformation program – and it excels in this area. Like TACFIT Commando, it’s one of the best value’s for your money because of how comprehensive it is. Dozens of Physical Living readers have been working with TACGYM, including myself, and everyone is enjoying it as you can see in some of the comments I’ve received on these pages: product review here, interview with Scott about TACGYM here, 3 Complete TACGYM Workouts here.

The Original TACFIT 26 “Box Gym” – This is ideal for those with a small home gym setup and who want to experience the greatest spectrum of TACFIT currently available. If using several different training modalities along with all sorts of modern fitness equipment (clubbells, kettlebells, sandbags, gymnastic rings, bodyweight exercise, etc.) sounds like fun, then this is the program for you.

My recommendation is to move on to another program now, but keep TACFIT Commando on standby for the future. No doubt, you’ll enjoy and benefit from going back to it at some point – and there may be a time when you need a 100% equipment-free program to implement anyways. If I had to recommend just one, it would probably be TACFIT Warrior because there are a lot of similarities between the two. You’d essentially be getting more of the same – just a little bit more refined as you can learn in my TACFIT Warrior Review.