Are the Recovery Routines Identical in All TACFIT Programs?

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QUESTION: Hello, I was wondering, are all the Recovery Routines the same in each TacFit program? R.O.P.E, Warrior, Commando, Spetsnaz etc.? Or, are they all different? -Chad



No, they are not the same. Although, they are also based around the same general premise, each one is unique to the program it’s contained within. However, there is some overlap from program to program, which I will explain here.

First, one of the things that sets apart the TACFIT and Circular Strength Training systems is that each warmup and cooldown is specific to the actual training sessions they are attached to. So, a specific mobility drill will be chosen for each and every work portion exercise. Also, a specific cooldown drill is chosen for each exercise as well. So, there is no general warmup or cooldown contained within any TACFIT programs because general training does not exist in the TACFIT system itself.

For example, if performing a squatting-type movement during the work/intensity portion of a training session, a hula-hoop-style hip circle mobility drill may be used as a warmup and a hip flexor stretch may be used as a cooldown. This way, the working joint and surrounding musculature will be primed before the exercise is performed. Also, the specific tension and over-compensation that develops from squatting will be released from the cooldown. It’s very systematic in its progression – like using a scalpel instead of a pickaxe to perform surgery.

So, naturally, with each TACFIT program – each of which contains a slew of unique exercises – there will be specific warmup and cooldown, which is the primary means of recovery methods in each program.

That said, there will be some overlap from program to program because some programs contain identical or similar exercises. Thus, an identical or similar warmup/cooldown protocol will also be used. However, there are additional recovery routines that some of the TACFIT programs contain, and some of them are included in multiple products. These are bonus programs that you can do on top of your regular training schedule for additional benefits. I’m not 100% sure which ones are included in multiple programs, but I consider these additional bonuses anyways, and not the main reason someone would buy a product.

My advice to anyone interested in going deeper into the recovery methods behind the TACFIT system is to look into the Intu-Flow and Prasara Yoga programs, which serve as the foundation of each TACFIT warmup, cooldown, and recovery routine. You can consider these the rudimentary tools upon which each TACFIT program draws on for specific purposes.

To learn more about the methods behind the TACFIT system, check out this interview with Scott Sonnon about the TACFIT system. To learn more about TACFIT Commando, visit the TACFIT Commando Review page.