Can You Do TACFIT Commando Once Per Year?

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Question: Hey John, I was wondering something about the original TACFIT Commando program. Is it okay to do one mission per year? Because the reason why I got TACFIT was that I don’t have access to the gym in the summer. So, can I do the mission each summer for 3 years and still get some good results?

-Elvis Y.

Answer: Absolutely, Elvis. And that’s one of the reasons it was created for – to be a viable workout program for when you need something “on the go,” or when you don’t have access to a gym.

I’m not sure what your “in-season” training involves the rest of the year, but I’d recommend that one of your goals be to keep working your way up through the levels of TACFIT Commando – even if you only do one mission per year. So, if you’re at-all able, practice some of the movements from the next sophistication level (recruit level, grunt level, commando level, etc.) during the Spring – prior to officially beginning your TACFIT Commando training. And if you want to take it a step further, perform some 20/10 x 8 + 60 workouts around the same time, too. Or, you could just do TACFIT Commando for some of your workouts in the Spring. You can learn more about combining TACFIT Commando with other workouts and programs here.

And if and when you do get back to a fully stocked gym, I have a feeling you’d really dig the new TACFIT 26 program, which I reviewed on my other blog here.

And if you’d like some more ideas, check out my post: After TACFIT Commando: What Next? You might also be interested in these programs that supplement TACFIT Commando well.

Good luck!