Do Navy SEAL’s actually use TACFIT Commando?

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This is a topic that has been hotly debated behind closed doors and between anonymous internet workout warriors for a few years now. Truth be told, I’ve been asked a few times myself (like I would know!). But now that you mention it, I have a little bit of insider information that may shed some light on this claim. You see, I spoke with Scott Sonnon on the phone not too long ago for an interview, and during some small talk before we began, he told me that yes, Navy SEAL’s have used the program, which I loosely interpreted as retired Navy SEAL’s – once a SEAL, always a SEAL as the old adage goes. I could be wrong though.

However, Scott was sure to confirm that although some Navy SEAL’s have used the program – whether active duty or retired, I don’t know – that neither the U.S. Navy nor any division within the Naval Special Warfare Community officially uses or endorses the TACFIT Commando program. So, that’s about as close to an official answer as I can give. Some SEAL’s have used it, but the SEAL’s don’t use it – if that makes sense.

That said, I think people are missing the point of TACFIT Commando. In my opinion, the whole commando theme, was just that – a theme that was primarily used for marketing. Sure, the program was created for those who would benefit from improved tactical movement skills and conditioning, but let’s be honest here. I doubt this program was created solely for those people. In fact, I would be so bold to say that it was actually created with the knowledge that most of the customers would NOT be Navy SEAL’s, secret agents, bodyguards, servicemen, or first responders.

Now, this is just a single data point from a finite data pool, but at least from those people whom have contacted me personally about TACFIT Commando, the vast majority of them do NOT fall into these categories (darnit – no secret agents read my blog!). I can think of three men who do fit those categories that have contacted me about TACFIT Commando just off the top of my head (1 firefighter, one active duty U.S. soldier, and one aspiring U.S. soldier). Everyone else has belonged to what we could call the general population.

So, this begs the question: is TACFIT Commando suitable – even ideal – for someone in the general population? I’d say that it can be an ideal program for these kinds of people, but that it ultimately depends on your goals. That’s why I wrote the complete TACFIT Commando Review – to answer all the basic questions about the program and help you figure out if the product is right for you.

Hundreds of my readers have invested in the program, and I’ve received testimonials and success stories from many of them about how much they’ve enjoyed and benefited from the program – even though they don’t have tactical job or lifestyle requirements (see here for TACFIT Commando Results and testimonials + success stories) And I think that’s the take-home message that people need to hear. TACFIT Commando was created for a very specific purpose, but it can be leveraged to serve a broad variety of training goals. Whether the Navy SEAL’s have or haven’t used it is irrelevant to me. It’s a solid program either way, and I highly recommend it.