FAQ About TACFIT Commando From a Firefighter

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TACFIT Commando was originally conceived as a program for first-responders: law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, as well as military and other special operators. It’s an ideal conditioning system for the needs of these professionals and provides for those needs in a plug-and-play program that can be done anytime and anywhere.

Here are some questions a firefighter asked me about TACFIT Commando…


I had a couple of quick questions about the Tacfit commando program:

1) In addition to the benefits for people in my line of work (firefighter), what type of strength and cardio benefits does it offer? For example, I enjoy doing muscle-ups and other crossfit type exercises. Will I lose strength in these areas?

2) I have certain equipment available to me at my work gym, IE rings, TRX suspension trainer, parralettes, will I be able to incorporate these into the TC Commando routine or will I have to add my own supplemental routines? I really enjoy using these training aides and saw Scott incorporating them on some of his videos on YouTube.

3)I also like to be light on my feet, which for me is a weight of 177-183lbs. Will this program have me gaining bodyweight?

4)I dont enjoy training at home, with the downloadable program / calendar, can I simply look at the day’s workout and then do it myself at the gym and is that essentially what the Ipod function if for?

5)And by far the cheasiest question, living in California I enjoy looking good on the beach, how is this program for muscle toning ?

I really enjoyed your website and the information that was made available to me. Your site has already convinced me to purchase the program, but I wanted some specific info before I bought it. Sorry for the long list of questions.



Hi Tristan,

Thanks for the kind words. These are all good questions!

1) TACFIT Commando works on the Tabata high intensity interval training protocol. So, you’re developing the conditioning to “burst recover burst” repeatedly through tactically-specific conditioning skills.

Strength is skill-specific, and we can’t really work around this. When specific exercises go unpracticed for a long time, you will almost always lose strength to perform those specific movements. If you practice physical conditioning with similar movement patterns, strength loss will be minimized, but not eliminated. And this is the challenge with conditioning programs – you can’t train for everything all the time.

2) The TACFIT Commando program is designed to be done as a stand-alone conditioning program without any equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your own routines, either. Design your approach around your goals. If TC is perfectly aligned with your goals, then follow it as-is. If not, then make some adjustments. If you’re looking for a TACFIT program that includes some of the equipment you have on hand, I recommend the original TACFIT program which includes 26 different scalable workouts that use a lot of unconventional training equipment like the ones you listed.

If nothing else, some of the exercises can be enhanced with the use of equipment like rings or parallettes (ie pushups).

3) Assuming your calories are kept at maintenance levels based on your basal metabolic rate, with considerations for your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), you’ll maintain your bodyweight while building muscle and losing fat (they’ll counter-balance each other while your total scale weight remains the same). Your nutritional intake will largely determine your body composition results. If you increase your calories above your TDEE, you will gain weight.

4) Yes, TACFIT Commando is meant to be portable. You can print out the manual and/or training calendar, and you can view the training videos on an ipod or anywhere you have access to a computer.

5) TC is a tactical fitness program first, with physique considerations not as the top priority. That said, the nature of losing fat and building muscle will obviously have impressive physique results – though if you’re looking for the bodybuilder or Men’s Health appearance, look elsewhere. Most people who use TC for any length of time will probably develop a “hard body” physique.

Any more questions, just let me know. Most of them have already been answered in my complete TACFIT Commando Review.