How to Combine TACFIT Commando With Tactical Gymnastics (TACGYM)

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From: Bobby
Subject: tacfit commando and tacgym

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Hello and thanks John for all the information you have provided. My question is this. I recently purchased Tacfit commando and now I’m about to purchase tacgym. How can I incorporate tacgym into my TC workout?

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Hi Bobby,

I actually wrote two Q+A posts awhile back that touches on these questions…

Can you do extra workouts on top of TACFIT Commando?

How to combine TACFIT Commando with other training programs

Just a few more quick thoughts…I wouldn’t perform both workout programs as-is – that’d probably be way too much volume. But since you asked “How can I incorporate tacgym into my TC workout?”

I’d probably keep performing TC as-is, but perhaps switch to a 7×4 weekly schedule (see links above). And then I’d either perform the TACGYM either at a separate time of day (e.g. morning vs afternoon), or AFTER your TACFIT Commando sessions at a lower intensity.

Another alternative is simply to match the workouts from each program based on the day’s intensity level (only perform “mod” intensity workouts on the same day, “high” intensity workouts on the same day, etc.).

There are some other ways you could do it, too, but that’s probably what I’d start with. Refer to the articles for some more of my thoughts.

BTW, if you’d be willing to order TACGYM through my referral link, I’d be happy to send you a free gift. I posted these instructions in my TACGYM product review…

**If you order through my referral link, please send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you a free gift: The TACGYM Double Leg Swoop Coaching Video (11 minute instructional video in WMV format). This has been one of my favorite exercises for years. It’s great for strengthening the core muscles, and releasing tension in and around the hips  and lower back. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to do because you feel like you’re breakdancing! After you’ve placed your order through my referral link, just forward your confirmation email containing your receipt to physical (dot) living [at] gmail (dot) com and I’ll reply with your free gift. Thank you for supporting!

Here’s my referral link: TACGYM.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you – happy to help. And enjoy TACGYM! It’s a great program.

Best regards,

John Sifferman
Health-First Fitness Coach

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