How to Combine TACFIT Commando Workouts With Other Conventional Training Programs

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One of the best things about TACFIT Commando is that you don’t necessarily need to give up your current training program to incorporate it into your routine. Of course, the creators of TC will want you to use the program exactly as it’s outlined, but that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to. If you have other training goals, there’s no reason you can’t pursue them while also getting the benefits that TC offers. Get some ideas for how to do it from the Q+A below…


How can TACFIT Commando be combined with conventional workouts? – Ash


Hi Ash,

Before I say anything else, you should probably be warned that I don’t necessarily recommend combining TACFIT Commando workouts with other conventional workouts (ie during the same training session). This could get overly complicated and would be far too difficult to manage from a work to recovery standpoint without the help of a coach. That said, if you keep the TACFIT sessions separate from your other conventional training sessions, it could be manageable. It’s just important to monitor your ability to recover, and especially your week-to-week results. Let your results be your ultimate indicator of the merit behind your actions. TACFIT Commando is a moderate to high intensity bodyweight training program, and is designed to take you right to your edge every time you do a high intensity session (every 4 days). So, it will require a little program design leg work to make sure you don’t take on more than your body can handle. Sometimes, it takes a few days or even weeks to figure out that you’re doing too much.

My recommendation for those who want to pursue other training or physical activity is to:

1) Perform the TACFIT Commando workouts AS-IS. In other words, perform the actual sessions the way that they’re outlined in the program. Do the joint mobility warmups, follow the moderate and high intensity portions as outlined, and then do the cooldown yoga poses to finish. Every component is important, and you should definitely NOT skip any one of them.

2) Cut down on the total training volume of TACFIT Commando by doing less frequent moderate and high intensity sessions. So, for example, instead of doing a high intensity session every 4 days, do it once a week (perhaps by following the 7×4 protocol)

3) Try to limit your other training to moderate intensity – not high intensity unless you gradually build up to this over several weeks.

4) Be over-diligent with not just your warmups and cooldowns, but also your active recovery training. Do a joint mobility session every single day, separate from your workout (e.g. first thing in the morning). Do some compensatory yoga as necessary – up to daily if you manage the intensity. Spend a good hour or two once a week on a deep yoga session that addresses your individual needs, too.

5) Prioritize all of the other aspects that contribute to your recovery: rest, sleep, stress management, water intake, good nutrition, etc.

If you follow the above criteria, you’ll set yourself up for success with a diverse training program that includes TACFIT Commando sessions. For more information, check out this similar Q+A here: Can You Do Extra Workouts On Top Of TACFIT Commando?