Interview with Scott Sonnon (Part 2)

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Note: you can listen to part one of this interview here: Scott Sonnon Interview (Part 1)

I’ve had the opportunity to interview Scott Sonnon a few times, and I’ve attended a few of his weekend coaching seminars, too. He’s an interesting guy with a wealth of fitness and training knowledge, as you’ll find out if you listen to the following interview. This interview is mostly about Scott’s background and his Circular Strength Training system (a pre-cursor to TACFIT).

Scott Sonnon

Here are a few things we discuss during the interview…

-Clubbell training and the nature of swinging weights for strength and conditioning

-How the clubbell trains movement patterns first, and muscles second, and what that means for full body strength training

-The difference between bodyweight and biomechanical exercises, and how we can leverage the strategy of movement sophistication to better accomplish our training goals

-How to prevent aches and pains that develop from training using Scott’s Prasara Yoga programs

-How to create a comprehensive training program that draws on all 3 wings of Scott’s CST system

That’s only a sampling of what we cover in this great interview. Check it out by clicking the link or play button below…

John Sifferman Interviews Scott Sonnon (Part 2, 67 Minutes in Length)

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