Is TACFIT Commando Good For Fat Loss?

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Is TACFIT Commando an effective fat loss program? Find out in the Q+A below.


Hi, just a couple of questions…

1. Will I need to supplement this with another HIIT/lifting/cardio program to see results or is it good on its own?
2. Is this good for fat loss, and how quickly can you see results?




Hi Sheela,

No, you will not need to supplement this program with another one for a fat loss goal. It’s a standalone program with several elements that will all contribute to targeted reduction of bodyfat. Though you can certainly integrate this program with some other training you’ve been doing if that’s what you want. You can do it either way.

tacfit commando female model
You can get incredibly lean using TACFIT Commando.

For fat loss, TACFIT Commando will work just fine. In fact, I think this is one area where the program really shines and delivers big time. You will likely see measurable fat loss results within a week or two – and possibly even visible results depending on your current bodyfat level (the leaner you are, the more likely you’ll SEE the change). Actually, I think TACFIT Commando is so well-suited for fat loss, that even if you weren’t trying to lose any fat, it would probably happen anyways – and you could be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Something to keep in mind is that women tend to have slower starts than men, because it takes longer for your hormones to fully “activate” into fat burning mode. This is true of ANY diet or fat loss program.

Sometimes, during the first few weeks of a new fat loss program, women will see no changes on the scale (your actual weight doesn’t change much, or in rare cases, you can actually gain a little bit of weight). However, even though the scale isn’t moving, you’re usually still making progress because your body is shedding bodyfat and building muscle (counterbalancing your actual weight). Since muscle weighs more than fat, sometimes women will gain a few pounds during the first few weeks of a new training program (often due to a bigger appetite from the increased activity level). Even a slight calorie surplus (5-10% above baseline) can lead to these results for the first few weeks.

This might happen for a few weeks, and then your fat loss will accelerate and your weight will start coming down, too, as your body has adjusted to your new training and dietary habits. So, if it does happen, don’t panic because it’s just your body’s way of trying to sort things out and you ARE making progress. Even if the numbers don’t tell you much, you might notice progress elsewhere, like a pair of pants fitting looser or being able to tighten your belt another notch.

On the other hand, you may see a very large drop in weight in the first 1-2 weeks because you lose some water weight initially. This happens to men and women and is much more common than actually gaining weight in the beginning. Everyone will have different results, and the only way to truly know is to do the work, test your results (using bodyfat testing, or similar – I recommend the Accu-Measure skinfold caliper), and track you progress.

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