Is TACFIT Commando good for the legs, too?

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Will TACFIT Commando help you build strong, powerful legs – or is it mostly an upper body training program? Find out in the Q+A below…


TACFIT Commando looks great and I’m definitely interested, especially because of the lower time commitment than P90X requires. My question is, I’ve read in several places that bodyweight-only programs are great for the upper body but leave something to be desired when it comes to the lower body. If this is true, why? Does TACFIT avoid the problem, and if so, how? – Joel


That’s a really important question because there are so many myths surrounding bodyweight training that are circulating around the Internet. And I happen to have a very strong opinion on this one. Anyone who says that body weight exercises are only great for the upper body clearly don’t know about such exercises as bodyweight squats, forward lunges, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, walking lunges, plié lunges, diagonal lunges, forward and lateral bench step-ups, single leg squat variations (ie pistols and similar), dragon twisting squats, among many other exercises for lower body strength training that are all done with absolutely zero equipment. There are dozens of basic lower body exercises and hundreds of variations that can all be done with little more than some floor space.

I think this type of myth arises because the traditional bodyweight exercises are: pullups, pushups, situps, and dips, etc. These are all staple upper body exercises and very common in a bodyweight training program. But these are only a small sampling of what bodyweight training offers.

Honestly, I think bodyweight training really shines when it comes to lower body strength and conditioning, and the TACFIT Commando program is no different. Every single TACFIT Commando workout is a full body conditioning session that will absolutely challenge the legs just like the rest of the body – just try out the warrior lunge series or airborne squat series if you doubt it.

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