Is TACFIT Commando OK For People Over 50?

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The hardcore nature of TACFIT Commando is a common cause for concern – even for young trainees. But what about people who are middle-aged or older? Is TACFIT Commando only suited for the young and fit – or can older trainees benefit from this program, too? Find out in the Q+A below…


Hi John, I am 55 years old and not in prime condition any more. I’d like to get back to some level of general fitness; but I’m not an athlete & my job does not require me to be fit like ‘commandos’. TC looks like a high intensity program for those who in good shape or their jobs require a definite level of fitness. So my question is would TC be appropriate for someone of my age & fitness level? Thank you! – Priyam


Hi Priyam,

Great question. The official answer is that anyone who is healthy enough to exercise can use TACFIT Commando, but I understand if you’d like some more information. There are a few things built into the system to enable beginners or deconditioned folks to take advantage of it.

First, is the scalability of the exercises. Each exercise has different difficulty levels that is independent of the actual workout program (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Exercises can be further simplified to accommodate any skill or conditioning level with a little creativity. Even if a beginner level exercise is too difficult, there are variations that can be made by a TACFIT or CST professional who can find an exercise that suits your personal conditioning level. I’d be happy to assist with this, if necessary. Or, you can contact the people at TACFIT headquarters, and they can give you a list of suggestions.

Secondly, is that the workout programming has different levels of difficulty, too (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). So, if you used beginner level exercises on the beginner level program, I’m confident most people in your situation would find it a challenging, but doable, workout – which is exactly what we should be looking for.

Lastly, TACFIT Commando includes detailed instructions on the CST Intuitive Training Protocol. This is a way to customize any workout to your specific skill and conditioning level using your perceived level of technique efficacy, discomfort rating, and level of exertion. It’s a little too complex to share exactly how it works in this Q+A, but suffice to say, it is explained in depth in the TACFIT Commando manual for those whom are unfamiliar with the Circular Strength Training and TACFIT methodology.

There are also ways that go beyond the TACFIT suggestions to customize the program to your individual needs. If doing the program as it is recommended simply is too much for you, then there’s no reason why you can’t do less. You can deliberately lower the intensity level or decrease the overall training volume until you feel ready to tackle the program as outlined.

So, to reiterate my first point. Anyone who is healthy enough to exercise can use and benefit from TACFIT Commando.