Is the Deluxe Edition Worth It?

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What’s the difference between the basic TACFIT Commando package and the deluxe edition – and which does John recommend? Find out in the Q+A below.


John, Please indulge me last one question. I am trying to decide between the Basic & Deluxe package. I know the Deluxe has a lot of bonuses but let add something before you answer: I am a vegetarian, practically vegan, and I notice that 2 of the bonuses are diet related. Another bonus is a RESET technique which is a short one (1 minute). For me, my choice really boils down to the videos. I’m sure they are great quality & very helpful – I have no doubts. So my question would be are they necessary for someone like me who is somewhat familiar with CST (I have BER & BBFL among other programs) and, yet, who is working himself back into condition? Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated!!


The primary difference between the two different packages is that the deluxe edition contains the following additional materials:

1) Follow-along videos for every single workout – The advantage of the follow along videos is that they act as both a workout planner and a sort of stop-watch for you. All you have to do is follow along, which makes it much easier to concentrate, especially under fatigue. It’s also a form of self-accountability because it makes sure you follow the program as it was intended, instead of resting a little extra here and there, which we may tend to do when we’re utterly exhausted and not 100% focused on the task at hand. I think they’re very helpful, but definitely not necessary. If these aren’t issues for you, then the basic package would probably work just fine.

2) The TACFIT diet plan and recipes ebook – Apart from a quick peek, I have not reviewed these materials myself, nor am I particularly inclined to use them (I’ve got enough diet and nutrition books, thank you!). But Sonnon does have a way of simplifying nutritional changes and turning them into bite-sized action items, which I can appreciate. From a nutritional standpoint, he’s found what works for him, and he’s provided a framework for others to seek the results he’s achieved. But be forewarned that nutrition is an incredibly complex subject, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach that is appropriate for everyone (nor plausible for everyone – such a thing does not even exist!). Actually, I think that nutrition approaches should be highly customizable to an individuals needs, and every dedicated fitness trainee or athlete should commit to finding what works best for them. That said, most of Sonnon’s nutritional recommendations are based on common sense and are generally accepted in the nutrition community. Nobody’s going to argue that we should be eating real foods (you know, like vegetables and meats instead of Pop-Tarts).

There are some other minor differences between the basic and deluxe edition that the sales page explains.

John’s Recommendation

All in all, I do recommend the deluxe edition mainly because I think the follow-along videos make everything so much simpler. On top of that, for a limited time, you can actually get the deluxe edition for $97. That’s 51% off from the regular price and actually $40 cheaper than the basic version at retail price. But if you’re still undecided check out my complete review of TACFIT Commando.