Is this program good for improving basic calisthenics for military duty?

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TACFIT Commando has been used by many soldiers, and was created specifically for their needs. But will it help prepare you specifically for boot camp, and more specifically, for the basic calisthenics you’ll be required to perform every day? Read this Q+A to find out all the details.


Hey man, I will be joining either the Navy Seals or the Army Rangers in the near future. I have a goal of reaching 250 pushups, 250 situps, and 30 pullups and chinups, and being able to increase my running distance. Can the Tacfit commando workout, or workouts, do this for me? – Jack


Hi Jack,

TACFIT Commando will not be the best option for preparing you for either bootcamp or special forces school. There’s a reason for this, and it’s because the military has a lot of tradition integrated with their physical training programs. Suffice to say, military PT training is not cutting-edge, and their basic requirements for boot camp and special forces schools have not evolved much over the past several decades – even though training methods have evolved quite a bit. You still need to be able to do a lot of pushups, situps, and pullups, as you mentioned.

Both the Navy SEAL/S and Army Rangers have specific fitness programs for preparing for their rigorous training regime. You can find these online. I can also recommend Stew Smith’s Maximum Fitness book, which I had great success reaching the PT numbers that you’ve posted.

TACFIT Commando is better suited for post-boot camp training where PT requirements are not as rigid and you become more responsible for your specific conditioning needs on a day to day basis. It includes tactical-specific movement skills and also energy system training that is meant to mimic the cardio-respiratory fatigue and mental stress an operator may encounter on the job.

Also, to answer your question about increasing your running performance. TACFIT Commando will not directly improve your running endurance. TC will improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, but specific to bodyweight exercise. You’ll need to run more to do this. And if you’re preparing for special forces school, then running long distances in combat boots should be something you work up to (if Navy SEAL’s – run on the beach, and in soft sand, if at all possible during your training period).

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Thank you. So, how would TF commando benefit a special operations soldier?

ANSWER: Though TC will not best prepare you for bootcamp or special ops school, it WILL prepare you for the demands of a soldier. Each movement is related to a tactically-specific skill, so you’re conditioning yourself for real skills you’ll need to employ in the field.

There’s also a very important aspect of training the mindset of a soldier. Namely, being able to perform physical skills while utterly exhausted and under extreme stress. To do one more repetition with perfect technique, even when everything in your body is telling you it’s not possible is a skill that TC will help you develop, and this is invaluable to anyone in a high-stress vocation.

Apart from that, it provides a health-first fitness program that injury-proof’s your body, builds functional muscle, and burns unnecessary body fat – all things that everybody, soldier or not, needs.

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