Ladies Enjoy TACFIT Commando, Too!

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Is TACFIT Commando geared for both men and women? Find out in the Q+A below.


Hi John,
Is this program suitable/appropriate/recommended for women’s bodies? I saw that Cheryl and Sheela are using the program but they are the only 2 women I have found to use the program so far in my research about TC.
Thanks! -Ann


Hi Ann,

TACFIT Commando is certainly for women, too. I know several others who are using it, and there are also a few female bloggers/youtubers using it and posting their progress on the net. CST Faculty Coach Ryan Hurst teaches a women’s TACFIT Commando class in Japan, and he’s also got some videos published of them doing the training – one of them is below.

The program was designed for both men and women, but I think the hardcore nature creates a cause for concern for some ladies who may have not trained in this way before. It certainly isn’t the step aerobics your mother or grandmother may have used! But it’s a solid program that’s appropriate for either gender, and will help women specifically in a few ways…

All of the benefits mentioned in the product review will also apply to women, namely: fat loss, building lean muscle, full body strength and endurance, lower risk of injury, etc. But there are also a few things that women might be especially interested in: increased bone mineral density – reducing the risk of osteoarthritis, and reduction of cellulite to name a couple. It also builds long and strong core and leg muscles that most women are after – not bulky or blocky muscles that you would see on a bodybuilder.

There are some minor technique adjustments that some women will need to make to some of the exercises, and Scott does not cover these in the tutorials, but if you listen to your body, you should know when to make some subtle changes (e.g. wider foot placement in squats due to wider hips, etc.)

Here is a video of Ryan Hurst’s group of ladies doing TACFIT Commando…

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