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I know that commando is awesome cardio coz my heart pounds like anything after working :P… I wanna know if it is good for strength. I went through an injury about a year and a half ago and stopped all strength trainings. Now i am with literally zero strength :'(.. I was never interested in weights nor am I interested now. Bodyweight is what I prefer. I’ve started running in the morning. There is some stubborn belly i have to lose( I am very lean,just the belly)…

So would commando be enough for strength?? Also would it aid in the belly fat loss journey??? 🙂 🙂

One more question.. Other than the 4*7 cycle, what are the other possibilities for the schedule?

Thanks man. Awesome site you got…… 🙂

Hi Shyam,

I’ve explained an alternative training schedule here:

Also, TACFIT Commando will help improve your full body strength and will help burn some of that fat, too.
More info about TACFIT Commando and fat loss here…

And there are a few articles about combining TC with other workouts in the site archives. See here:


Any more questions, just let me know – happy to help.

Best regards,

John Sifferman
Health-First Fitness Coach