TACFIT Commando vs P90X

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No, this isn’t going to be a no-holds-barred cage fight where Scott Sonnon and Tony Horton duke it out – just a simple perspective on TACFIT Commando vs P90X.

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Note: Before I say anything else, let me first say that I’ve received a LOT of questions about the P90X program, and many of them are asking for a comparison between this program and another TACFIT program. I know that you’re probably trying to figure out which one is best for you, or whether either of them is appropriate for your goals at all. I understand that there are a lot of specific factors that could and should influence your decision. That said, this could be a very long and drawn out article (or even a series of articles) to truly compare the nuts and bolts of TACFIT Commando and P90X. So, for the sake of brevity, I’m going to move very quickly through what I consider the most important issues and give you a summary of my opinion on this matter. Thus, the need for a succinct article that compares TACFIT Commando vs P90X.

First, I think it’s a good idea to do a good bit of research on both programs before trying to make any decisions. I have not reviewed P90X (you’ll get my abbreviated thoughts in this article), but I have thoroughly reviewed TACFIT Commando already. You can read that here: TACFIT Commando Review. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Disclaimer: I have extensive experience with TACFIT Commando, but I have NOT used the entire P90X program. So, please keep that in mind while reading this. However, I have reviewed the P90X materials, tried out a few of the workouts, and I have discussed the program with several people who have used it successfully (usually losing weight in the form of bodyfat, and maintaining or building muscle).

TACFIT Commando vs P90X – The 5 Major Issues At Stake

1) Equipment Required – TACFIT Commando requires no equipment at all. If you have a little bit of floor space, then you have enough room to do every single aspect of the TACFIT Commando program. Seriously, if you have enough floor space to lay down, then you have enough space to complete all 9 months of the TACFIT Commando Program. If you have enough room to lay two yoga mats side by side, then you’ll be more than comfortable (at least until you start sweating). Every single exercise is a bodyweight, ground-based movement. So, it should go without saying that you can do TACFIT Commando anytime and anywhere. You don’t need an expensive gym membership and you don’t need an extensive selection of home gym equipment. No further investment is required, and you can get started with the program immediately.

P90X, on the other hand, does require some equipment – mainly a pullup bar (or place to do pullups), some free weights (e.g. dumbbells), resistance bands of varying thickness, and a couple other things depending on your conditioning level and training experience. At the time of this writing, you can order the P90x package with all of the above (not including free weights) for $269.70 + shipping. Or, you can collect these things on your own to save some money. Alternatively, a typical gym membership will provide all of the necessary equipment, but you probably won’t be able to follow along with the DVD’s while you exercise.

So, if we’re looking at the initial cost/investment and the equipment required, then TACFIT Commando wins hands-down, but that may not be reason enough to abandon P90X either. Training with equipment does come with some advantages that should not be overlooked.

2) Functional Training Program VS Physique Training Program – This is where we really get down to the type of goals that each product tries to address. P90X is decidedly a physique training program. It is meant to help you lose fat, build muscle, and ultimately build a better “beach body.” That is P90X’s ultimate purpose and this is quite evident from their marketing. TACFIT Commando, on the other hand, is a movement-based, functional training program. Yes, TACFIT Commando will absolutely help you burn fat and build muscle, but this won’t necessarily be “show muscle,” but more like “go muscle.” It might get you laughed off the stage at a pro bodybuilding competition, but TACFIT Commando will produce the hard-body physique that most people would generally consider attractive. That said, this is not TACFIT’s primary purpose. It’s a health-first conditioning system – NOT a physique-first body transformation program. So, if you’re going for a particular look, and something along the lines of an amateur bodybuilder or fitness model, then P90X may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to feel better, move better, and improve your conditioning, then TACFIT Commando is probably the better option.

3) Built-in Injury Prevention VS “History of Injuries” – Maybe I’m biased, but this is a big one for me particularly because I know several people who have been injured using P90X exactly as outlined. For me, an exercise program should not regularly and repeatedly create imbalances and injuries in peoples body’s. Just like medical doctors agree to “first, do no harm,” I think that fitness programs should be created under the same guideline. With almost everyone I’ve talked to about their experience using P90X, this has not exactly been the case. They’ve usually been very pleased with the body composition improvements (less fat, more muscle), but they’ve also worked their way into pain or injury.

It could be as simple as achy knees, a shoulder that just won’t stop bothering them, or lower back pain, but regardless of what it is, it’s often a direct result of using P90X. There’s a very specific reason for this: P90X requires high-frequency, high-volume, and high-intensity, specialized training. Most people do not possess the conditioning level necessary to take on this type of program, and on top of that, the program itself does not address the over-specializations that develop as a result of using it.

One of the major reasons why I can’t officially endorse P90X (apart from not actually going through the full program myself) is because it’s a physique-first program, and while it does have some recovery-based training strategies, they are just generalized and not specific to the program or the individual needs of each user. Each persons experience will vary, but if you follow the P90X program as-is, then you will very likely get injured directly from using it. It’s only a matter of time, and the duration will be dependent on the individual.

So, in essence, while you’re burning fat and building muscle, you’ll also be slowly wearing away at your joints and connective tissues. This is not so much a flaw in the P90X programming, but rather the nature of physique-first training (the Achilles heel!).

On the other hand, if you use a health-first fitness program,such as TACFIT Commando, then you’ll build an impressive physique without necessarily hurting yourself, because health comes before everything else in the TACFIT training hierarchy:

1 Health
2 Mobility
3 Functionality
4 Attributes (strength, endurance, etc.)
5 Physique

The way that TACFIT Commando presents itself as a health-first system is in its recovery strategies and prehabilitation protocol. Every single workout has a movement specific warmup and cooldown that is meant to prime the joints, connective tissues, and muscles for the work about to be done and then also compensate for the specializations that occur in the body as a result of the training during the cooldown. On top of that, there are specific low and no intensity training sessions that are designed to further reinforce injury prevention and consequently boost your overall results.

4) Time Required – Strictly speaking, TACFIT Commando also wins on the time issue, too. All TACFIT sessions take less than 45 minutes, and some days take even less than 20 minutes to finish the workout – start to finish. With P90X, you’re looking at spending at least an hour or longer, almost every single day (I think that 1 day per week is optional for rest). So, if you have a lot of time available, then P90X might be a good option.

5) Intensity Level – I consider both of these products high intensity training programs. The difference is that TACFIT Commando was designed to wave the intensity level of each workout to optimize recovery. That’s a fancy way of saying that the intensity of each session will vary to help you maximize your results without burning yourself out. While P90X isn’t necessarily as extreme as the marketing makes it appear, the general level of intensity will be higher and you’ll have to self-regulate your energy expenditure (you’re on your own, and this definitely can work for some people – not necessarily a bad thing). However, with TACFIT Commando, you will have specific days where the required intensity level is already laid out for you in advance. You’ll have high intensity training sessions, moderate intensity sessions, low intensity sessions, and even no intensity sessions. It’s all designed to help you maximize your results while minimizing burnout, excess fatigue, and over-training.

Final Thoughts

Now, those are just FIVE comparisons between the two products, and there are a ton of other factors that could and should be taken into account before buying. I didn’t even touch on the types of exercises, the program design itself, or the overall value of each program, among other things. TACFIT Commando and P90X do share some similarities, but they are also like night and day in some ways. Each program is very unique, and one of them will likely be much better suited for your goals than the other.

By now, you can probably tell that I’m not a big fan of P90X, and that I am a big fan of TACFIT Commando – with one disclaimer: I don’t think that TACFIT Commando is right for everyone, and for certain people, it could be their worst nightmare. On the other hand, and all flaws aside, for the right type of person, P90X could be just perfect. That’s why I think it’s important to get all your questions answered BEFORE you pull out your credit card. Lucky for you, I’ve already written up a very detailed product review designed to help you figure out if TACFIT Commando is right for you. So, if I perked your interest, feel free to check out my complete TACFIT Commando Review.

If you have any other questions about TACFIT Commando vs P90X, please contact me. You can also find many of my thoughts to common questions about TACFIT Commando if you search the archives of this site.