Programs That Supplement TACFIT Commando Well

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QUESTION: Are there any good programs that you recommend doing in addition to TACFIT Commando?

ANSWER: Why yes, yes there are. Several, in fact, and all are a part of either the TACFIT or Circular Strength Training (CST) systems. You could use other programs, of course, but I’ll stick with the main curriculum for consistency-sake.

But before I say anything else, I’m going to be assuming that you’re using TACFIT Commando as recommended. That is, you’re following the program as is – to the letter (not a bad idea for most people). Assuming you’re doing that, here are my recommendations.

Something Scott Sonnon is fond of saying is that when following one of his programs like TACFIT Commando, you can do more recovery training, but not more high intensity training. In other words, if you’re already performing moderate and high intensity training sessions according to the TACFIT curriculum, don’t start up a whole other strength and conditioning routine alongside it.

I’ve talked before about integrating different training modalities with TACFIT Commando (see here and here), but that’s assuming you’re cutting down the total training volume, or barely increasing the intensity training above the recommended specs.

So, again, assuming you’re using TACFIT Commando as-is, I would NOT recommend doing any additional moderate or high intensity exercise. That said, I think additional low intensity exercise is a fantastic idea, and will not only complement TACFIT Commando well, but will also likely improve your results. There’s just something about active recovery that boosts performance and results. Hmm, maybe it’s the recovery part.

It’s true. Doing some more active recovery is a great idea, and I’d highly recommend to anyone doing TACFIT Commando to squeeze in some extra joint mobility training and yoga if you can spare the time. That’s probably one of the best things you can do for your fitness actually.

So, if that sounds like it may be up your alley, here’s what I’d recommend:

1) Follow the TACFIT Commando program as outlined, including doing your warmups, cooldowns, and no/low intensity training sessions on the designated days.

2) Invest in a joint mobility program like Intu-Flow or Ageless Mobility and perform a full body joint mobility session every day (even if quite short – you can hit every major joint complex in 8 minutes or less). There’s a majorly discounted special on all of Sonnon’s mobility programs here: Joint Mobility Super-Package Deal.

3) Invest in a prasara yoga program to start learning more about this deep system. I’d recommend this one as a starting point for experienced yogi’s: Prasara Yoga A Series. And this one for beginners: Prasara Yoga Primer.

4) And if you’re in a service-type position – the military, law enforcement, firefighters, secret agents, etc. – then do yourself a BIG favor and pick up this free mobility/yoga program by Sonnon (must have for servicepeople!): Recuper8

5) Lastly, any other way you can fit in extra low intensity activity should be encouraged. Seriously, just walking will improve your results and this type of low intensity exercise should not go overlooked.

If you follow the above recommendations, you’ll not only supercharge your results, you’ll also open up new health and fitness possibilities that you may have never even known existed. If you’re looking for more information, most questions about TACFIT Commando have already been answered in my complete TACFIT Commando Review or in the Archives.