I had a private deal with the good folks at RMAX International to offer a 51% discount on their TACFIT Commando program. Our arrangement lasted for a number of years, but the 51% discount is no longer available. It expired the summer of 2015. So, that’s the bad news.

The good news is that the TACFIT Commando program is now being offered for only $99 instead of the original $197 price. So, it’s basically the same price. It’s just that the lower price is now available to the public, and not just privately through my website. It also looks like they’ve added some more bonuses to the package that weren’t in there originally.

So, you can get a copy of the newly updated program at the new TACFIT website here: TACFIT Commando (NEW).

Note: Even though the discount is no longer available, I’m still going to offer the free gifts (see below) to anyone who is interested. If you’re willing to order the program through my referral link, which credits me with a commission (with no extra cost to you), then please follow the steps below to claim your bonuses. Thank you!

Instructions to claim your free bonuses

You’ll need to follow the following steps carefully to claim the free gifts.

Step 1) You’ll need to make sure that you order the program through the official vendor at: So, you can Click Here to visit the official TACFIT Commando sales page.

Note: that’s my referral link, and clicking that link is necessary for sales tracking purposes.

Step 2) Once you’re on the Checkout page (i.e. where you enter your credit card or Paypal info), scroll to the very bottom of that page and make sure you see the following:

[affiliate =]

If the field is blank or different, then please start at step 1 again (note: your internet browser cookies must be enabled for this to work). This is to ensure that your purchase came from my referral and that you can claim your free bonus gifts from me.

Step 3) Place your order.

Step 4) After you’ve placed your order, send a copy of your receipt to physical (dot) living (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll reply with your two free bonus gifts. I’ve done this hundreds of times, and I usually respond within 2 business days unless I’m traveling, which might take me a little longer. Thank you for your patience while it’s still a one-man show over here.

Step 5) (optional) – If my site has helped you decide whether or not to make a purchase, then I’d appreciate it if you’d share it using one of the buttons below:

That will help the people who need to find this information to find it a little more easily in the search engines.

Thank you!

Bonus Gift 1

The Official TACFIT Commando Israeli Challenge (a complete workout used as a benchmark test for TACFIT Commando trainees – 13 page special report in PDF format)

tacfit commando israeli challenge

Bonus Gift 2

The TACGYM Double Leg Swoop Coaching Video (a great exercise for strengthening the core muscles, and releasing tension in and around the hips and lower back – 11 minute instructional video in WMV format)

tacfit bonus video screenshot

Thank you for supporting my site with your purchase! If the links aren’t functioning correctly, then please contact me to let me know.