TACFIT Commando 2.0 – What’s New In the 2nd Edition

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After its initial release, TACFIT Commando underwent an update based on the feedback received from the original customers and was relaunched as TACFIT Commando 2.0 shortly thereafter. Here is a brief description of how version 2.0 has been updated:

tacfit commando 2.0-The diet module has become the “TAC-Food diet,” which is vastly expanded from the original 4-day diet plan.
-The recipes included are now the “101 Warrior Recipes” — codified to go with the rest of the diet.
-The TC follow-along workouts videos are regrouped into 9 longer ones instead of the 54 short ones, which is a much cleaner format and ultimately more user-friendly, too.
-There are now technical “how-to” videos on the download page to make the download, iPod, etc. aspects more user-friendly.
-And there were a few other minor tweaks and additions, too.

Basically, the 2nd edition is just a refined version of the first edition with some system-wide improvements.

For all of those who already own the first version of TACFIT Commando (ie 1.0), then you’re automatically eligible to receive the new 2.0 version for FREE. Simply login to the TACFIT Commando customer area and claim your free updates (your login info will be in the email your received with your receipt after ordering – if you can’t find it, you’ll need to contact customer service at: info@tacfitcommando.com).

If you have not yet purchased TACFIT Commando, then all new purchases will be for the new-and-improved second edition: TACFIT Commando 2.0. To learn more about this program, including the differences between the different packages, check out this page: TACFIT Commando Deluxe Edition VS Basic Edition. And to learn about the product, in general, check out the complete TACFIT Commando Review or visit the archive.