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When I first announced TACFIT Commando on my blog, I got an avalanche of comments from my loyal readers about their results using TACFIT Commando.

Here are what some of them said (these comments are being reposted from my site PhysicalLiving.com).

TacFit is the most ridiculously awesome program I have ever done!! It has changed my life. I was turning 30 this passed summer and needed a “break” from my normal 4-5 day a week at the gym lifting due to some nagging injuries. My brother suggested TacFit so I could stay active during my down time. I am now so addicted and committed to TacFit I didn’t renew my gym membership this passed October. I am in the best shape of my life.

I just bought the whole package for $97.00. I think the presentation is a little cheesy too, but $97?! That’s not too much to risk for years’ worth of training material. Once I downloaded the training materials, I was impressed by the volume of content. It is the most comprehensive CST/RMAX program I have seen to date. It is well worth it. A damn good deal for less than $100. I don’t think anyone who buys this program and actually does it, the whole thing, will be remotely disappointed that they dropped $97 bucks on it. -David

I was turned off by the marketing of Tacfit Commando but know that Coach Sonnons workout are excellent; so I just ignore all the hype… I bought the Deluxe this morning and believe me, there’s a lot of material here… it will take days to review it. It looks great and I know I will not only enjoy it but it will serve me well.  The bottom line is: if you use it; it will give you far more benefit than the $97 you spend. If you don’t intend to use it, don’t buy it. I have several of Coach Sonnon’s programs and they are all great…

…This program can be done by anyone who can exercise; modification can be applied and I saw one clip where Coach Sonnon is saying if you have certain conditions, do it this way. He has modifications in the program. You cannot beat the price and the integrity of Coach Sonnon and his team, is very high. He doesn’t need to hype something that isn’t quality. I think if you give it a try; you will truly enjoy it and your range of motion, mobility, and strength will grow as you progress in the program

I did my first workout this morning of Tacfit Commando and it felt great! These moves feel really good to my body and gave me a good shot of energy. No trainer, no coach, no Master, has ever shown me moves like this. I used to workout for hours on end; with little results, certainly not the results I was looking for. For the past several months I have been doing FlowFit, Intu-Flow, Prasara Body Flow Primer, Prasara, and the Tacfit Commando takes me to the next step. To not buy this at the great price it’s being offered at, is a real loss. -Cheryl Malone

Well I bought the Basic edition and it is impressive what you actually get. Here in Australia, we have fairly slow broadband rates and it took almost 3 hours to download eveything. There’s a lot to get through. The whole commando thing still leaves me cold but I am so used to reading between the lines of RMAX products that it doesn’t really bother me. What’s at the core of all of Sonnon’s workouts is really pure gold. I had been using the Tabata method already as part of my “training” (on the stationary bike) and it really does accelerate/accentuate results. I am looking forward to the whole routine; it does look very impressive. And who knows, when the sleepy wine-growing region of McLaren Vale (where I live) gets invaded by Taliban insurgents, I might even be ready with my commando-style six-pack!!! 🙂


I purchased the Commando basic package. From what I have seen so far, the strongest aspect of the program is in the instruction. Truly amazing attention to detail and technique that would be hard to find elsewhere without hiring a good coach. All in all, I look forward to making my way through the program. Thanks for the helpful post, John.



Today was my first moderate day with Commando. I quickly realized I will not have to worry about attempting levels of difficulty above recruit anytime soon. The intervals really make you challenge yourself, and Coach Sonnon’s attention to detail makes the movements as much about skill and technique as exertion. Great stuff!


Hello John,

Thanks again for your responses to all my questions! I wonder if I could ask you a few more questions, this time about Tacfit Commando. One of the things that has impressed me so much about CST is its extensive vocabulary of bodyweight exercises. While many of these movements are not absolutely unique to CST, they are thoughtfully put together all in one place, with accompanying forms of joint mobility, compensation, etc. One of the challenges of being a newcomer to CST is sorting through all the different products, and trying to differentiate them from each other and determine their distinctive value. I am delving into Flowfit and Intuflow. I think I can already appreciate (and more importantly feel) their commonalities and differences. To me, being able to move in a sophisticated manner is much more compelling than increasing my bench press!

Tacfit Commando looks like a very interesting product. I tried the Israeli Challenge and truly enjoyed it, even if movements like the quad squat, springing tripods, and swinging planks were not entirely new to me (for example, they are all in Flowfit). I know you do not endorse products lightly. In fact, your endorsement is encouraging me to give Commando a chance.

Many Thanks,

I was hoping you would get a commission from referrals for TACFIT which is why I linked to the site from here. I have been a regular reader of your blog and I have enjoyed the balance you bring to all your posts. I actually use you as a portal to CST 🙂

Hi John,

I’m one of your new subscribers and am enjoying myself reading your posts. Keep up the good work man! I’ve purchased Tacfit Com too and very glad that I did. I’ve been using BER over the past couple of months and Tacfit Com is a natural progression for me. Thanks for sharing man! God bless!


hi john .hav been goiun through ur site nd tacfit. also tried the tacfit challenge.was really impressed. -Ash

Great information on your site. I tlltoay agree that a program like Tacfit Commando can jump start you overall level of fitness. Even advanced lifters will struggle with a program like this because it shocks the system so much and forces it to use muscle groups you could never target with weights. I am one of the many people who have tried Tacfit and I tlltoay loved it. Not only am I cutting my gym cost out of the equation, but I am seeing results I never thought were possible, and I owe it to the Tacfot Commando workout system. – Loubna Ezzaim

Hello John.

I stumbled upon your site when looking up barefoot running, and noticed your review of TACFIT, I had received info on that program from another site and was wondering about it as I was looking for a good body weight program.

As I liked your other writing and ideas I went ahead and ordered. I like the program a lot so far.


John: I’m on my last Commando Mission and it’s a great program, but don’t want it to end. Are there any more Tacfit missions coming out or would you just rotate the 3 Commando missions each month?


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