TACFIT Review – An overview of the TACFIT system with Scott Sonnon

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Below, you’ll find an interview I did with Scott Sonnon all about his TACFIT system. We filmed this just before a TACFIT Commando workshop he conducted at Equinox Fitness in New York City (Jan 2011).

Tactical fitness is a new frontier of fitness training that is gradually making its way into the realm of the fitness industry. Essentially, tactical fitness is all about matching every single element of a workout program to the specific goals of the trainee, so that nothing is extraneous or unnecessary. Scott Sonnon is among the front-runners in the tactical fitness explosion, leading from the front with his TACFIT system.

I’ve been using Scott’s training programs and methods since 2006, and have even interviewed him a couple of times in the past (about his CST system – precursor to TACFIT). What makes this interview unique is that it’s all about the core principles and strategies behind his TACFIT system. TACFIT is essentially a user-friendly system that embodies a very specific application for CST. Since CST is both broad and deep, TACFIT provides a breath of fresh air given that it’s action-oriented, and thus, very simple to implement. TACFIT is health-first, includes incremental progression and scalability in all programs, along with concentrated injury prevention methods, among other things.

You’ll learn about the origin of TACFIT, the theories behind it, and also how to get started using it immediately.

Once you’ve finished the interview below, you’ll understand the truth depth behind the TACFIT system, and all of its sub-programs like TACFIT Commando. Check it out…

TACFIT Review: An overview of the TACFIT system with Scott Sonnon

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