TACFIT vs P90X for Biceps (Q+A)

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I have already discussed the topic of TACFIT Commando vs P90X in another post. So, I won’t rehash anything here. But I got a question from a guy named “Jazz” about TACFIT Commando, and how it can… ahem… help build his gunz! I don’t tend to concern myself about these things too much, but I did offer my advice anyways.

QUESTION: I have already done 3 months of p90x and had ok results. I am thinking about getting TACFIT. Does TACFIT Commando do anything for biceps?

ANSWER: Thanks for your question, Jazz. The short answer is, yes, TACFIT Commando can do things for your biceps. However, I would keep in mind that P90X and TACFIT are very different programs for very different purposes. P90X is a physique enhancement program (ie Beach Body), and TACFIT Commando is a functional training program. They are not one and the same.

While TACFIT Commando can definitely help build and sculpt the bicep muscles, it is not really geared for that. It’s just not why it was created. So, if that’s your primary goal, then you’d be better served by looking elsewhere. Perhaps another bodybuilding-style program will suit your goal better.

That said, a few of my readers have written me to explain their concern over TACFIT Commando not having many pulling exercises (that primarily work the back and bicep muscles). So, what they’ve been doing is adding in some additional pullups/chinups/rows into the program, usually done at the end of the moderate intensity sessions. You could think of them as workout finishers and so far, everyone that I know of has been happy with the results.

So, if TACFIT Commando looks like it might be up your alley, but you want to emphasize bicep development, doing some sort of supplemental bicep training may be just the ticket you need. It can certainly be done in a variety of ways, and I’ll leave the details up to you. But I would recommend doing it after your moderate intensity session and also to keep your supplemental training at a moderate intensity as well. You don’t want to over-train right before your high intensity sessions.

Anyways, that’s what I would recommend. If you have any further questions about TACFIT Commando, be sure to check out my complete TACFIT Commando Review, and also search the archives of this site for many more Q+A’s and articles about this great training program. Be sure not to miss my TACFIT Commando Results page to see what people have been able to accomplish with this program. I haven’t heard anyone complain about the results yet! And if you’re still in doubt, try out one of the TACFIT Commando Workouts for yourself and get back to me on how those gunz of yours are feeling afterwards.

Train hard!