What 28 Days of TACFIT Commando Can Do To Your Body

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VO2 MAX Test Results + Body Composition and Strength Improvements

Circular Strength Training Coach, Matt Marchant, put together this video to explain his VO2 MAX test results after using TACFIT Commando for one 28-day cycle. If you’re not familiar with VO2 MAX, it’s basically a way to measure your body’s ability to absorb and transport oxygen during physical activity. It’s a pretty common fitness testing standard for athletes. But Matt also shared a lot of other before and after stats to demonstrate what a month of TACFIT Commando can really do to your body. His results are exceptional, and if you work as hard as he did, then you may be able to achieve similar results yourself.

This video was filmed a few months before Matt became a CST Coach. He and I tested for our CST Coach certification at the same seminar in Salinas, CA back in 2011. The guy is not just a solid coach, he’s a training beast, too. Matt aced both the clubbell Trial by Fire test and the FlowFit exam, no doubt, in part because of his work with TACFIT Commando.

Watch the video below to find out how much fat Matt lost, how much muscle he built, and how much stronger he got from using TACFIT Commando at the easiest level for just 28 days.

Those results are definitely NOT typical, and no doubt, Matt put in an extraordinary effort to achieve them. But if you are willing and able to put in the hard work necessary to achieve similiar results, there’s no reason they can’t be yours, too. If you want to lay a claim on some of those results, check out the complete TACFIT Commando Review to find out if TACFIT Commando is right for you.