What’s the difference between TACFIT and TACFIT Commando?

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What’s the difference between the original TACFIT program and the newer TACFIT Commando? Is one program better than the other, and which one does John recommend? Find out in the Q+A below.


Hi John, I have been going through your site and saw TACFIT. I also tried the TACFIT challenge and was really impressed. Can you clarify which is better: TACFIT or TACFIT Commando? Can both be done simultaneously on the same day and time? Are the 26 programs to be finished in 26 days? – Ash


Hi Ash,

The TACFIT 26 “big box” program is a representative program of the the parent system known as TACFIT. TACFIT Commando, on the other hand, is a sub-program within that TACFIT system. Neither program is better. They’re just different. The main difference is that TACFIT includes a much more broad selection of equipment-based exercises and several different training protocols. It’s much more suited for the home gym trainee who has access to a core set of equipment (clubbells, kettlebells, parallettes, olympic rings, sandbags etc.). TACFIT Commando is a bodyweight-only program (no equipment required), and uses the 20x10x8 protocol, which was inspired by the Tabata method of high intensity interval training. That’s just a rough explanation of the major differences (there are a lot of ways that they’re different).

All TACFIT programs have been created specifically for the tactical fitness needs of service people and special operators, but all of them are also applicable to those with common fitness goals, too. I have not used the TACFIT 26 Big Box system myself, so there’s no much I can say about that – except that it’s a introductory, standardized program to teach the TACFIT system. And yes, it is meant to be done for 26 days straight.

The programs are designed to be done independently, but you could write up a program that incorporates elements of each. That said, I would NOT recommend doing both TACFIT and TACFIT Commando sessions back to back. The programs can certainly be combined, but sessions should be split apart to allow for sufficient recovery. At the very least, allow about 12 hours between training sessions, and this is only recommended for those whom are already well-versed with high intensity training and well-conditioned for sustained high-intensity efforts (minimum of 2 years of consecutive training experience). It should also go without saying that you should prioritize your recovery above all else, and if you can’t fully recover from your week-to-week demands, to back off on the total training volume.

Most people though, will want to separate their TACFIT and TACFIT Commando sessions on different days entirely. And obviously, you should slowly build up to this training volume over at least a couple of weeks to experiment with the new training stimulus.

So, if you have access to all the equipment required for the TACFIT 26 Big Box Program, then by all means, go for it. But if your equipment is limited, or you want to be able to train anytime, and anywhere, then consider going with TACFIT Commando for simplicity sake. You’ll be well-served by either program.

To learn a little bit more about the differences between these two products, check out my interview with Scott Sonnon all about TACFIT. Or, read the complete TACFIT Commando Review for a much more comprehensive explanation about that product specifically.